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Training Courses

We offer a wide range of training opportunities, from general badger awareness courses for beginners to tailored courses for professionals.

Developing a skilled network of volunteers and professionals is very much at the heart of our work. Our Registered Badger Worker Training Scheme is designed to equip amateur enthusiasts and professional ecologists with the knowledge and skills required to address a wide range of badger issues.

Please see our What's On and News pages for deails of forthcoming courses.

Check if Someone is a Registered Badger Worker

We maintain a "live" register of Level 1 and Level 2 Qualified Badger Workers. If you wish to check the register to ensure that an individual is listed on it please contact info@scottishbadgers.org.uk or telephone  07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536


See our current Training Prospectus

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Badger Awareness Course

This is a simple one day course for those with no previous knowledge of badgers who want to leanr more. A theory session covers some basic information about badgers, their biology, behaviour and field signs, followed by a daytime visit to a sett. The course costs £5.00 for members and £35.00 for non-members.

Level One Registered Badger Worker Course

The starting point is our Level One training scheme, which has now trained over sixty people from across Scotland in basic badger awareness and field survey techniques.

The course runs over two days with half a day theory and the remainder practical training in the field. Thereafter regular outings with an experienced surveyor will ensure that you are well prepared for the assessment. It usually takes a year to qualify and the course costs £120.00 for non-members, which includes one year's membership. Pre-existing members pay £100.00.

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If you have any questions email us at info@scottishbadgers.org.uk or telephone 07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536 and we will be happy to help.

Level Two Registered Badger Worker Courses

Our Level Two training courses provide more in-depth training in a number of specialist topics:

Badger Problems

Leading and Managing Groups in Outdoor Situations

Media and Lobbying

Basic Wildlife Crime Course

Scrub Clearance Around Badger Setts

Badgers and Forestry

Badgers and Licensing

Badgers and Mitigation

Wildlife Scenes of Crime Course

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These courses are also available to non-members. To find out more please e mail our Training Co-ordinator at info@scottishbadgers.org.uk or telephone 07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536

Specialist Training for Law Enforcement

Scottish Badgers provides specialist training for Police Wildlife Crime Officers, S.S.P.C.A Investigators and C.O.P.F.S. throughout Scotland with regard to badgers. This nationally recognised training is provided free of charge as part of our commitment to combating badger crime. For bookings please contact info@scottishbadgers.org.uk or telephone 07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536

Tailored Courses

We provide specialist training for groups, companies and organisations.  Our "Badgers and Forestry" course sets the industry standard. If you do not see the course you want above and would like to discuss your specific requirements then please contact our Training Co-ordinator at info@scottishbadgers.org.uk or telephone 07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536


For issues related to badger crime, legislation, planning, mitigation, data searches and to log badger records:

Available between 09:00 and 17:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ONLY

Species Protection Co-ordinator

T: 07866 844232


For matters relating to our Badgers in the Landscape - Community Building for Wildlife project:

Project Officer

T: 07565 813401


For training, web presence and general enquiries:

T: 07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536



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